We can order new products for you as well as equipment for sale from our operating fleet where we do not advertise. If you would like to enquire about a particular USED item feel free to get in touch.

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Segway Ninebot ONE S2, £499.00
Segway Ninebot S (Unavailable)
Segway Ninebot
Zing 8, Pink and Blue
Ninebot eKickscooter Zing E10,
Segway Drift W1, £319.00
Segway Ninebot GoKart with Black Ninebot S (Unavailable)

Loomo by Segway,
Segway Kickscooter MaxG30, £719.00
Kickscooter Air T15E Powered by Segway, £679.00

Why buy from Wheelie Fun?

Wheelie Fun are a family run business who offer our customers a personal service, where we check your product prior to it being delivered. Wheelie Fun order directly from the EU Segway official distribution company making sure your product is delivered UK approved which is important for validating your warranty.

Wheelie Fun check all our products prior to delivery to our customers whilst offering products that have not been subject to long warehouse shelf life. As you may be aware lithium batteries must be charged every 3 months as they cannot be recovered or charged from flat.

Where possible we will offer a PRICE MATCH or Discount if we can. Wheelie Fun also offer free delivery within reason. Wheelie Fun are based in Aberdeenshire and can arrange to deliver throughout the UK.

All prices in the gallery above are Segway Ninebot Recommended Retail Price 2021.We do have some items in stock to cover our Activity company fleet which we will make available to you. The products we have to order if not in stock, normally ship to UK and arrive to us within in 7-10 days .

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As Wheelie Fun operate Segway products in their fleet we may allow you to try our Segways if generally interested before any commitment to purchase from us.

Riders must have insurance, hold a valid driving licence to ride E-Scooters & Powered transporters including hoverboards on UK roads .You must seek permission from land owner to use on private land.