Family Mini Segway Trails at Haddo and Aden Country Park Coming Soon

August to September 2022

All you need to know.

Add the (AEA) RS off-road power chair for a Segway Trail too

Wheelie Fun are excited to have been granted special permission from Aden & Haddo Country Park and East Anguston Farm (on hold) to show you around these stunning popular locations on our equipment. A fun trail for kids and adults will give you a insight that you have not experienced before. Part of your booking helps the managements maintain their venues

Haddo Country Park has reopened but due to the devastating damage from Storm Arwen the trails are more challenging than previous years with mud and debri on the paths due to the machinery being used for the ongoing clearing of felled trees .We operate Segway sessions at the Pheasantry so you have the choice to stay at this area if you do wish.

Aden Country Park is fantastic for the Segway Trail as it is now has a longer travel distance than last years tours .With new paths to explore this activity is ideal for our Segways and off road Power Chairs.

Tours from AEA now available (Assist Explore Aberdeen, Powered Wheelchair)

The Adult Tour and Kids Trail

Your educational fun trail will include a tour guide who will take you around stopping off at some points of interest. The guide will tell you short factual information on the trail you have chosen at either Aden or Haddo Country Park.

Are the Segways the same as Hoverboards?

Due to the steering bar our Segways known as powered transporters operate differently from the common hoverboard. The steering bar allows you to turn with the knees and hence why adults feel more comfortable. Our view as the Segway is self balancing and best in the world,it is easier than riding a cycle .They have a more robust overall design . Having the added features of the steering bar to give support for balance allowing a more comfortable and confident ride.

How long is your fun Segway Guided tour?

Please plan to be with the Wheelie Fun team for approximately 90 mins. You will receive an induction onto the Segways and practice session prior to going on your tour. For larger groups time may take up to 2 hours depending on ability

Cafe and Toilet Facilities

There are Cafe’s at both Aden and Haddo offering takeaway only due to current restrictions.

The Cafe at Aden is temporarily closed

Mrs Smiths at Haddo cafe offers all Wheelie Fun customers 10% discount on their guided Tour day. Open 10am-5pm Mon-Sat and 10-30 to 4pm Sunday

There are toilet facilities at both parks

What is Min / Max number of participants I can book on my private Segway Tour

A ‘PRIVATE’ Segway Trail with your very own personal instructor and guide is subject to a minimum of 4 persons or more .This is for the school holidays and also weekends .If we have availability you may book for 1 person however there may be other persons taking part too and we would also need to be on site on that day.

An Adult will require to participate if any children are under 8 years old

Will anyone else out with my booking be on the same PRIVATE tour?

Normally bookings of 4 or more are classed as PRIVATE tours similar to a VIP tour. Only you/your party* will take part on this tour time allocated to you.

If you only want to book 1 or 2 participants then their may be others booked on the same tour .

Can I book for 1 person on a tour?

If you don’t want a private tour and only want to book 1 or 2 participants then their may be others booked on the same tour.As we are a mobile company and go to different venues in most cases we have to travel especially for your booking.

When booking for 1 person the tour will only go ahead if there are more participants that are joining in .

*Keeping with current government guidelines

What Personal Protection do I receive?

For basic hygiene and to prevent cross contamination whereas the coronavirus entry points are the ear, mouth and nose. Please take along your own helmet. Please note: helmets are mandatory and must be worn when riding our equipment. All our equipment is sanitised prior to use. We do carry some spare helmets however you must tell us when you are making enquiry or booking.

All Under 12s can be provided elbow,knee and wrist protection FOC (Only elbow protection is mandatory to be worn on kids Segways and kids E-Scooters

Over 12s and Adults only helmets are mandatory!

What are the height & weight restrictions?

Please read IMPORTANT kids details before booking.


Generally we do not have an age limit if children have good attitude and mindset. Our aim is to teach and learn all participants how to operate the equipment safely.

Important :The steering bar on the kids Segway is 49cm tall and bolster pads at the top are 9cm wide.The rider will need to stand between the steering bar to operate the Segway safely.

Normally a child’s height of 120cm is fine but humans come in all shapes and sizes. Please do the following…MEASURE your child’s inside legs with trainers on to make sure they can stand over the steering bar before you book.

Please note under 8 years need to take part with paying Adult unless agreed by Wheelie Fun team.


For weight measurements please add on clothing and footwear. Due to terrain we do not allow riders to use our equipment if over the safe manufacturers maximum payload limit.

Adult Kneebar Segway : Maximum recommended height 6’3” and Maximum weight 100Kg

Adult Steering wheel hand held Segway : No height restrictions although Maximum rider weight is 90Kg

Adult E-Scooter Type 1 Max weight 100Kg

Adult E-Scooter Type 2 Max weight 120Kg

Price Guide 2022

Discounts : Wheelie Fun pay a fee for every rider to the management of the country Parks

With UK high rising costs and always increasing equipment prices including public liability insurance we will do our best to continue to keep our fees below market value .We are flexible with all our prices especially when you have groups

Price Guide

Did you know…..

When you book a trail at Haddo Country Park customers with participants will qualify for a discount at Mrs Smith’s Cafe!

Can I book E-Scooters?

The E-Scooters for children can be booked for the tour. Children who do not meet the height restrictions or for riders who are not confident without having handles to hold onto. Riders must be able to ride a cycle with no stabilisers as these are not self-balancing like the fun Segways.

Claire & Merv ….Tour guides & Instructors

Do Adults get an option of E-Scooter or Segway ?

Adults who chose our E-Scooter and meet the height & weight criteria for the Segways normally try our Segways first in the induction session. After fabulous Wheelie Fun coaching …..we can safely say that 90% of our customers change their mind and ride the fun Segways on tour.

Segway Max E-Scooter
Segway Max with steering wheel (NEW) from September2021 (max rider weight 90Kg)
Parkland Stop at Haddo Country Park

How do I BOOK my FUN Segway Tour or make a general enquiry?