Segway / E-scooter guided tours at Haddo House & Country Park  & Aden Country Park .

Due to Covid-19 we do not allow mixed bookings, so in other words there will be no other participants that you do not know who will take part in the tour with you. Your booking is private/similar to a VIP tour.


ADULTS / 12yrs+

As a precaution please wear a face mask at your short safety briefing.

UNDER 12yrs

Wheelie Fun Segway Under 12 customers who have previously participated in our Segway Sessions at any venue before, do not necessarily need adult supervision, as long as we (including parent/guardian) believe they are competent.

For safety, children will need to have the right attitude and mindset to participate without parent/guardian accompanying them.  


UNDER 12’s

Please allow booking time for Under 12’s up to 90 minutes from start to finish to allow for briefing/induction and the Aden Tour

FREE hire of PPE elbow,knee and wrist protection

🚥Price £19.99

Please note adults will need to participate if the child participant has not been to any Wheelie Fun Segway sessions at any venue previously. This will be discussed with parent/guardian at booking.

All riders must be deemed competent by our team including parent/guardian to go on tour without Adult present.

ADULT & 12 yrs +

Induction including Tour 60-70 mins

September/October Promotional offer

Age 12 up to 16 £19.99 (normally £21.99)

Adults 16+ £20.99 included in your package is a beginner / refresher session as part of your paid tour to allow briefing /PPE instruction which may last up to 25 minutes

All Participants must wear their own helmets to prevent cross contamination

Under 12’s PPE is mandatory

Haddo House & Country Park PRICE GUIDE

🚥FREE PPE hire (elbow, knee and wrist protection) for Under 12’s

🍰10% DISCOUNT Mrs Smith’s at Haddo

Please note:  It is only the Adult ticket that qualifies for discount from Mrs Smith’s Cafe and other promotions that’s on offer.

🚶‍10% DISCOUNT on Haddo Country Park Guided Walking tours (TBC/ SEASONAL)

🛴Includes use of Wheelie Fun Segway E-scooter and Segway Transporters

😙Safety Briefing on how to use and operate the equipment


All participants must wear their own helmets to prevent cross contamination.

Under 12’s Price £19.99 (PPE mandatory)

Age 12 to 15 £21.99

Age 16+ £24.99


  • Prior to your tour all participants will receive a safety induction/briefing or refresher on the equipment including instructions for PPE etc 
  • Please note that all children must be able to operate Segways correctly so this briefing can take up to 25mins if required.
  • The Segway tour time is approx 1 hr so please allow *90minutes from start to finish (*only if there are child participants)
  • Adult only Tours 60-70 minutes approx including briefing 

For birthdays or special occasions please be aware that these bookings can take up to 2 hours depending on the number of participants however we will discuss all at booking. (We must adhere to the current government guidelines)


Monday to Friday – Day tours from 10am to 7pm

Saturday/Sunday mornings only and then after 4pm


For weight measurements please add on clothing and footwear Please note due to terrain, we will not allow you to use our vehicles if you are over our maximum limit below but you may still be able to jog/run on our tour

Adult Segway (maximum height 6’2” and max weight 99Kg)

Adult E-Scooter Type 1 Max weight 120Kg

Adult E-Scooter Type 2 Max weight 99Kg


Segway-Ninebot Transporters

Children: The steering bar is 49cm tall and bolster pads at the top are 9cm wide.

Normally kids recommended height is 120cm is fine however we all come in different shapes and sizes. Please do the following…MEASURE your child’s inside legs to make sure they can stand over the steering bar before you book to avoid disappointment.


Contact Wheelie Fun by either messenger, email or phone advising the date you would like to book. Please advise how many participants and ages (if children). If you have any questions, please

email: wheeliefunaberdeenshire@gmail.com or call 07784343137

All riders need to be competent to operate our equipment so all riders will be given safety induction. Please note full concentration required.

🚥COVID-19 T&C’s

Please note and respect that information changes daily. It is important for you keep up to date with Government Guidelines

Remember FACTS:

Face coverings, Avoid crowded places, Clean your hands regularly, Two metre distance, Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.


Message us or phone 07784343137, email wheeliefunaberdeenshire@gmail.com