Facebook Competition T &C’s

Wheelie Fun – Competition T & C’s

Winner and winners’ group must fall within the height and weight restrictions as shown below. All participants must adhere to the current government guidelines. If any of the winner’s party has any of the symptoms of COVID-19 let us know ASAP  

Prize must be used by 23rd October by an agreed time/date suitable with the winner and Wheelie Fun.  Winner must provide email address and reply to agreement from Wheelie Fun team and relevant details to be provided (for track and trace purposes)

The choice of prize is for one of the following

1)Childs GOKART Session (Under 12’s) at The Mill, Udny Green. Up to 4 persons (must be within the age, height and weight restrictions.

2)*Guided tour of Aden Country Park or Haddo Country Park for up to 4 persons (must be within the height and weight restrictions.

To enter, entrants must comment like, share the original post and comment with an interesting or fun fact.

Winner will be a picked offline after competition ends 02/10/2020.

Competition ends 02/10/2020

Segway-Ninebot Transporters (All Segway/ E-Scooters must wear their own helmet)

Kids: The steering bar is 49cm tall and bolster pads at the top are 9cm wide.

Normally kids’ height is 120cm is fine but as us humans come in all shapes and sizes it’s best to do the following…MEASURE your child’s inside legs to make sure they can stand over the steering.

*Adult must take part in the tour if child has not been on our Segways before and parent/guardian and Wheelie Fun team must agree that child is competent if adult would like child to go without an adult. (Adult would count in final numbers)


For weight measurements please add on clothing and footwear (We advise you to tell us but if necessary we can provide weigh scales on site as due to terrain we will not allow you to use a vehicle if over our maximum limit but you may still be able to walk/jog on tour

Adult Segway (maximum height 6’2” and max weight 99Kg)

Adult E-Scooter Type 1 (Maximum weight 120Kg)

Adult E-Scooter Type 2 (Maximum weight 99Kg)

Electric Nine-bot Go karts suitable for drivers 4ft 1” to 6”2” and up to Maximum weight of 99Kg

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